We need to talk about Netflix’s Girl Boss

I read Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss a few years ago when Nasty Gal was at the height of its success. Amoruso was a college dropout, dumpster-diving ‘freegan’ who built a global company from her bedroom from selling vintage clothing on Ebay. Like many people, I genuinely loved it and even now it’s still on my book shelf.

Since the success of the book, Nasty Gal has filed for bankruptcy and Amoruso was caught in a storm of negative publicity following allegations that pregnant and ill employees’ contracts had been terminated. Most of the reviews I’ve read following the release of Netflix’s ‘loose’ interpretation of the book focused heavily on the downfall of Nasty Gal and don’t give the credit due to its meteoric rise.

My take on it is that whilst undoubtedly things went awry in the end, the rise of Nasty Gal is a story that should still be told so here’s my take on the series:

What’s right about it

In a word, fashion. Sophia’s character is a walking seventies icon; blunt fringe, flared jeans and a badass walk. Her best friend’s style is all Britney Spears and Mariah Carey which reminded me of some of the terrible sartorial errors I made in the noughties.

After a binge watched Season 1, I set off inspired for Oldham Street in the hope that some one of a kind vintage gems would be waiting (they weren’t). The most memorable piece from the series is a leather jacket that I would happily have been married in if I could go back in time.

 What’s wrong with it

Ok so unfortunately Sophia isn’t very likeable. The first episode is slow and the problem is that when there are very few redeeming features to the main character you have trouble routing for her. She’s also just a little bit too thin to make her relatable to the everyday girl she’s meant to represent and the few males that feature in the series feel like parodies without any real development.

Girlboss is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it is strangely addictive and a pleasant nostalgia for the noughties. I hope they make Season 2 and see where they take it.