The best pizza in Rome – Pizzeria Da Remo

On my first night in Rome I went out on a mission to find truly authentic Italian pizza. My tastes are not with the typical deep-pan variation of this dish popular in the UK. I was after the good stuff, proper Romana style pizza with no substitutes so I headed for Pizzeria Da Remo.

In my experience of travelling, heading out to restaurants in any of the other tourist areas around the Spanish Steps or Coliseum will see you getting ripped off for food that’s average at best. To get to the best places you need to eat where the locals eat.

Pizzeria Da Remo is located in Testaccio, just across the bridge from Trastevere and close to the River Tiber. This place is always full, like always. It opens at 7pm Monday to Saturday and don’t even try going after 7:30pm, get there early or be disappointed as it’s extremely popular.

Da Remo is a loud and bustling place, it’s décor is basic and the waiters are quickly to welcome regulars with double kisses and enthusiastic greetings. Adding to the atmosphere is the limited amount of English spoken and the feeling like the Italian language is bombarding you from every direction.

Now let’s get to the important part, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to pizza. I’m certainly not from the school of thought where you pile on the toppings then drown it in chilli oil. Hell no, good pizza should speak for itself. Usually I’ll stick with a Margherita but this evening I went all out and ordered Margherita Con Buffala. My mouth is watering at the memory of it.

The pizza is somehow managed to be thin, crispy and gooey all at once. I raised my eyebrows when eating because it was just so good. The cheese, base and tomato sauce all melted together and burst with flavour in my mouth. It also somehow managed to be very light so I didn’t feel heavy and bloated after eating the whole thing (quickly).

The cost of the pizza is surprisingly reasonable and without a doubt this is a place that I’ll always come back to, as the saying goes – when in Rome.