Review: Sanctuary Spa cleansing balm

So this wasn’t a product that I had intended on buying but am now obsessed with. After hearing a lot of hype about Eve Lom’s cleansing balm being ‘the best cleanser in the world’ I was dead-set on splurging the rather high price tag and ordering said product online.

However, to my delight I have found a high street and more affordable version, which not only works but feels luxurious and is infused with argan oil and cocoa butter . Sanctuary Spa’s balm is ideal for a night time cleanse as when you rub it in, it literally melts your make up away and smells heavenly.

After I can feel the make up breaking down I lay a warm, wet face cloth on my face and allow the aroma from the balm to come through.I always do a hot cleanse both morning and evening and exfoliate at least once a week but I haven’t migrated from flannels to muslin cloths…yet.

After about 15 seconds I wipe the flannel across my face and completely remove the cleanser. My skin feels plumped up afterwards, almost as if i’ve had a mask on and is a great base for toning and then a moisturiser.

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