How to use hair masks | Night and Daze

Hair masks are relatively new to me. I used to associate them with when a hairdresser tries to coax you into buying a ‘treatment’ whilst you have your head backwards in a sink. They have now become essential and I use them not just once, but twice a week. This is to try and combat the damage I’ve done to my hair from daily straighteners usage and the not insignificant amounts of bleach on it.

Types of mask

Easy to apply

My regular go-to mask proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good product. The Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask is a steal at £3.49 for 220ml. It lasts ages and is very easy to apply so it’s perfect if you are in a rush or don’t have the time or inclination to faff about. As indicated in its name, the mask has an argan oil base which has great benefits for your hair. I honestly cannot recommend this enough.

Hot treatments

I was a bit skeptical about hot treatments as I still remember the Vo5 hot oil adverts from the early nineties. I decided to keep an open mind when whilst in Lush recently and decided to try their Damaged Hot Oil treatment. It starts as a solid soap-like substance which gradually melts when you add hot water to it. You then apply it whilst still warm to your hair. Its vanilla fragrance smells gorgeous and the heat is very relaxing. This is an ideal addition to your Sunday routine.

A while ago I took a trip to Holland and Barrett and bought a large pot of Pure Coconut Oil, after hearing a lot of hype about its benefits. It lasts a long time and you can also you use on your face, body and even your toast! Slight draw backs are that it doesn’t have a very appealing smell so whilst it gets the job done it doesn’t make you feel very pampered.

How and when to apply

If your hair is basically fine but you want to give it a bit of oomph them apply the mask to the body of your hair, put it up in a twist and clip it. Leave on for 10 minutes them shampoo as usual. I always leave it on dry hair before shampooing, rather than just using it in place of my conditioner.

If on the other hand (like me) your hair needs a good repair treatment then apply the mask to dry hair once or twice a week last thing at night, then cover with a shower cap and keep it on overnight. This gives maximum time for the mask to work its way into your hair and when you blow dry your hair will feel like silk. I do this on a Sunday and a Wednesday evening and if I’m being lazy and miss a week then I can really tell the difference.

Tip for Coconut Oil – put a tablespoon into a bowl and then add small amounts of boiling water to it until it melts into a clear solution. This makes it much easier to add into your hair and also to rinse out.